jv16 PowerTools installation guide

You can choose to customize options when you install the product although, for maximum performance of the product we recommend you to follow the installation steps detailed in this article.

This system utilities software is fully compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.


After downloading the product, go to your local Downloads folder and execute the installation file. If the User Access Control screen pops-up, you should agree and allow jv16 PowerTools to obtain the necessary privileges for the installer to execute.

Once the installer has been executed, you will notice the following Welcome screen:

In the next screen, you will get to review and hopefully agree to the License Agreement:


In the next screen, you can select which components you want to install.


Next, you should choose your preferred Installation Folder. Usually, this option is left as is (no changes are required):


Usually in the blink of an eye, Installation is Successful.


Once installation is complete, the Initial Setup starts. Before you can start using the software, jv16 PowerTools builds a local cache of your files and registry entries in order to speed up any subsequent operations done with its tools. This is only done once. Here is how Initial Setup screen looks:


Once the Initial Setup is done, the main interface of jv16 PowerTools will be displayed. 

You can use the My Account tool to activate your license. You should enter your personal details, as used at the time of purchase. After your details have been set, you need to select a Newsletter setting. After this, you just need to click "Apply". 


You will be prompted to Restart jv16 PowerTools in order to activate your license.


Questions, Issues and/or Improvement Suggestions

If you have any questions, issues to report or improvement suggestions for us to consider in order to make the setup or initial use experience better, then please either comment on the forum or contact us using a private technical support ticket here:


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