jv16 PowerTools installation guide

You can choose to customize options when you install the product although, for maximum performance of the product we recommend you to follow the installation steps detailed in this article.

This system utilities software is fully compatible with the following operating systems:

After downloading the product, go to your local Downloads folder and execute the installation file. If the User Access Control screen pops-up, you should agree and allow jv16 PowerTools to obtain the necessary privileges for the installer to execute.

Once the installer has been executed, you will notice the following Welcome screen:

In the next screen, you will get to review and hopefully agree to the License Agreement:

Selecting Language Packages that get downloaded and installed is possible during Setup. If you only wish to use one language, you should uncheck all the others. In case you are not sure, it will be also possible to delete other language files automatically later, during the Quick Tutorial phase.

Next, you should choose your preferred Installation Folder. Usually, this option is left as is (no changes are required):

In the following screen, you get to choose the name of the Shortcut Folder for jv16 PowerTools. Usually, this option is left as is (no changes are required):

At this point, jv16 PowerTools has all the needed information and is Ready to Install:

Usually in the blink of an eye, Installation is Successful.

  1. Quick TutorialOnce setup is complete, the Quick Tutorial starts.Here is how the Welcome screen looks:

You can now select the language that you wish to keep and/or set jv16 PowerTools to automatically delete all others, in case you have downloaded them and have decided that you no longer need them.

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In the following screen, you get to recommend or follow us on social media. Tweeting about jv16 PowerTools on Twitter or following our Facebook page’s updates helps us to spread the word about our product and keeps you in the loop with our newest blog posts and product updates.

if you choose to Tweet about jv16 PowerTools, we got you covered! We took the freedom to write a few sample messages. If you wish to customize your message to the world, feel free to do so in the Twitter post screen:

Following us on Facebook means a lot to us as it helps to spread the word about our “No Nonsense” PC System Utilities software:

Done spreading the love on social media? The next screen offers you some tips on what to do in order to use jv16 PowerTools at its full potential when resident antivirus software is present:


Do you prefer a simpler user interface? You can choose so at this step. For most of our users, the full (Advanced) user interface is preferred as it offers complete access to all of the software’s available options:

If you wish to instruct jv16 PowerTools to ignore certain folder paths from any future cleaning or optimization, you can configure the product’s Global Ignore List in this screen:

Finally, you get to review the Default Settings used to initialize jv16 PowerTools. If you do not wish to reboot your system after the Initial Setup is done, then you should uncheck this option here. You will also get a chance to uncheck this option in the Initial Setup screen that follows.

  1. Initial Setup Before you can start using the software, jv16 PowerTools builds a local cache of your files and registry entries in order to speed up any subsequent operations done with its tools. If you do not wish to reboot your computer once Initial Setup is done (Recommended:allow to reboot) then you can uncheck this option now.

Once the Initial Setup is done and your system has been rebooted, the main interface of jv16 PowerTools will be displayed. If you haven’t already validated your Full Name and E-mail address during the Quick Tutorial – Newsletter Subscription step then it is recommend to head to My Account next. For those that already entered their details in the earlier Newsletter Subscription step, those details will be inherited by My Account and the license activation will be automatically done.

In the My Account tool, you should enter your personal details, as used at the time of purchase. After your details have been set, the “Activate My License” button will appear. Click this newly appeared button and the license activation process will be started.

After having validated your license details in My Account, to confirm your license status and type, either read the reported details in the My Account tool or open to Help > About.

Questions, Issues and/or Improvement Suggestions

If you have any questions, issues to report or improvement suggestions for us to consider in order to make the setup, quick tutorial and/or initial use experience better then please either comment on the forum or contact us using a private technical support ticket here:


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