What license do I own?

As we recently migrated to the Online Registration System using your credentials from the moment of purchase, for security reasons we have decided to assist you personally in regards to license inquires.

Just open a support ticket with the title "What license do I own?" and we will get back to you in no longer than a maximum 24 hours with a response.


Or you could try activating your license yourself, by following these steps.


After Installation, to license, activate and register the software, please do the following:
1) Open jv16 PowerTools on your computer.
2) Click on "My Account",
3) Enter your full name and email address as requested (these must be EXACTLY the ones that you used to buy the software).

4) On the same screen, please choose a Newsletter option from the available three.

5) Click on "Apply" and restart jv16 PowerTools when prompted.


We appreciate your understanding and support.


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