I already have a license, why do I receive emails asking me to buy a license?

Macecraft Software sends promotional emails encouraging people who just recently signed up to buy new licenses.

It's part of our efforts to make our small business survive and thrive. We do this by putting newly signed-up email addresses into a "non-customers" category in our email marketing system.

Once a non-customer buys a license, our email marketing system automatically moves them to the "customers" category. This categorization ensures that the newsletter content stays as relevant as possible. If you already have a license but still receive promotional emails to buy a license, it means that there's a mistake.

The most common case is a user will sign up for our newsletters (which include promotional emails) using a different email address than the one they use to buy a license, prompting them to receive newsletter content for "non-customers". If this happens, please contact us. We'll rectify this issue for you and make sure that you receive the correct newsletter content.

When you buy a license, your license will stay valid for as long as your subscription indicates (yearly or lifetime).

We always honor our licenses, including the lifetime licenses. If you own a lifetime license, you will receive all future product versions, all updates and all upgrades for free.


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    Watt is the problem - I have already payed for my licens.  

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    Stefan from Macecraft


    After Installation, to license, activate and register the software, please do the following:
    1) Open jv16 PowerTools on your computer.
    2) Click on "My Account",
    3) Enter your full name and email address as requested (these must be EXACTLY the ones that you used to buy the software).
    4) On the same screen, please choose a Newsletter option from the available three.
    5) Click on "Apply" and restart jv16 PowerTools when prompted.

    This is all that is. Thank you!

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