Do you honor old lifetime licenses, or do I need to buy a new license?

We always honor our licenses, including the lifetime licenses. If you own a lifetime license, you will receive all future product versions, all updates and all upgrades for free.

Please also feel free contact us if you think you own a license but you are not sure.


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    I am a longtime lifetime licence holder, but am unable to access JV16. i have changed from my previous email ,which was which i advised you of. Please advise me what I need to do to keep using your product, or should I seek an alternative ?

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    Stefan from Macecraft


    Your Lifetime license is under your full name / In case you still encounter any issues while activating, please write to us here:

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    Carlo Donati



    I had to buy lifetime license again and when I hope the programme it still continue to ask me to buy?? Can you pls correct all this?? I already gave you twice the money for lifetime license and certainly I do not intend to continue!!




    Carlo Donati

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    Stefan from Macecraft

    Hello Carlo,

    After Installation, to license, activate and register the software, please do the following:
    1) Open jv16 PowerTools on your computer.
    2) Click on "My Account",
    3) Enter your full name and email address as requested (these must be EXACTLY the ones that you used to buy the software).
    4) On the same screen, please choose a Newsletter option from the available three.
    5) Click on "Apply" and restart jv16 PowerTools when prompted.

    Here is also a step by step guide on our website, including screenshots of each step:

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    Carlo Donati

    OK, got it. This means that I bought twice the same license...

    Anyway, I need your invoice (sale invoice) addressed as follows:

    L&M Italia S.r.l.

    Via G. Gioachino Belli, 86

    00193 Roma - Italy

    VAT: IT06796321005


    Thanks for sending it via email.



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    Stefan from Macecraft

    We will reply via the ticket you just opened with us, shortly. Let's move the conversation there. Thank you!

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